We Dared.

ReaperAle was founded in 2000 by Todd Kendrick and Erik Taylor. ReaperAle ceased operations in 2010.

During its ten years of existence, 6 styles of ale were created and distributed nationally. At its peak in 2008 ReaperAle was available in 8 states.

Check out our history in pictures. ReaperAle was also featured in this video from 2009.

We thank all of our ReaperFans for the support and good times!


Deathly Pale Ale

With a very complex blend of citric fruitiness and floral overtones, this beer has a very pleasing dry hop taste that enhances its already stellar drinkability. A favorite among many whom appreciate the finer Pale Ales.
Style: American Style Strong Pale Ale Awards
ABV: 6.2% 2005 - Gold Medal : LA County Fair
Bottle: 22oz / Keg: 15.5 gal 2004 - Bronze Certificate: CA State Fair
IBU: 45 2003 - 1st Place : El Dorado Blues & Blues, Reno NV
OG: 1058 2002 - Gold Medal : CA State Fair
  2001 - Gold Medal : CA State Fair

Redemption Red Ale

This ale boasts a deep reddish hue, a medium body and is moderately hopped for a crisp floral finish. The subtle hint of spice and pleasing aroma creates a smooth and refreshing drinking experience.
Style: American Style Amber/Red Awards
ABV: 6.6% 2005 - Gold Medal : LA County Fair
Bottle: 22oz / Keg: 15.5 gal 2004 - Gold Certificate: CA State Fair
IBU: 35 2002 - Bronze Medal : CA State Fair
OG: 1060  

Mortality Stout

Nearly solid black in color, this is a full-flavored complex brew of dark roasted barley, malt, and a hint of mocha flavor. Once poured, the smoky aroma melds nicely with the creamy head for a beer drinking experience not for the timid.
Style: Foreign Style Stout Awards
ABV: 7.5% 2005 - Gold Medal : LA County Fair
Bottle: 22oz / Keg: 15.5 gal 2004 - Silver Certificate: LA County Fair
IBU: 30 2004 - 1st Place Gold Certificate: CA State Fair
OG: 1070 2003 - Gold Medal: CA State Fair
  2003 - 3rd Place: N. American Brewers Association

Sleighor Double IPA

“Sleighor” is an Imperial version of the West Coast-style India Pale Ale. Intense hop bitterness, flavor and aroma dominate. To complement, body is full and malt and alcohol flavors are complex. Presentation is clear copper with a thick tan head coupled with a billowing hop aroma, citrus and floral.

Style: Imperial/Double IPA

ABV: 9.1%

Bottle: 22oz / Keg: 15.5 gal

IBU: 105

OG: 1080


Ritual Dark Ale

Expose yourself to the darkness that is Ritual Dark Ale. The color of this ale borders on dark brown to black with a translucent ruddy hue. The aroma is brimming with notes of fig, dates and hints of red apple. Flavors of toffee mingle with cocoa and a faint hop spiciness.

Style: “Other” Strong Ale

ABV: 8.5%

Bottle: 22oz / Keg: 15.5 gal

IBU: 50

OG: 1076


Inevitable Ale

The unique traits of this beer are the pleasingly fruity aromas of apricot and passion fruit that give way to honey flavors, a subtle hint of corn liquor, and a lightly spicy but cleansing hop finish.

Style: Strong Blonde/Golden Ale

ABV: 7.1%

Bottle: 22oz / Keg: 15.5 gal

IBU: 22

OG: 1068

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